Okay- When Feelings Are Enough

Today , I have so many questions running through my mind, like « Is it okay to feel what I’m feeling? », or « Is it okay to feel what i feel about this, about that, about them, even about myself, is it okay? » Sometimes I guess you guys and for me, when I think about something or when I do something, I’m asking myself is it okay to think that about myself? Is it okay to feel this way about myself? Is it okay to feel like this about someone? About a situation? Why do I feel like that? We may, as I used to, go into a shame spiral and we think that what we feel is not normal and that we shouldn’t be feeling this way. Then the biggest lie is coming to us: we start  doubting ourselves, we start losing trust in our own intuition, in our own compass, our own guiding system, and I’ve been there and I still am.

During these times, I was convinced that something was wrong with me because I didn’t fit in or I didn’t think like everybody , I felt like I was out of the norm. but there was a time when I wanted to be liked and validated so bad that I didn’t listen to myself anymore, all that mattered was being loved and appreciated, even if I had to act fake.

It is crucial, as humans, to have connection , to feel you are connected to someone and to feel that you actually belong somewhere.

But you have to ask yourself this: do I belong to this crowd ?

And from my personal experience, trying to really be raw and honest with ourselves, to let go of our persona, is a really hard thing to do, because a lot of fears can be associated to this: the fear of being rejected, the fear of being left alone, being ostracized, the fear of being misunderstood, the fear of truly shine your authentic light into the world.

Yes, the road to self discovery and self empowerment can be scary at times, if not, most of the time.

And I’ve been there.

asking myself those questions :

« Is it okay? Is it okay, all the questions I have?

 “Is it okay to feel what I feel and say what I wanna say, even when it’s considered or viewed as bad or unhealthy or wrong”?

Let’s change perspective and ask ourselves: 

What is wrong anyway? And even more so, why do I need to question myself anyway?

Guilt and shame creep in and fill you up with their poisonous elixir, but hey, you know what?

you are valuable and you are enough

Throw that ish away , it’s okay cause I’m enough

And honestly, I don’t give a damn about where it comes from or what childhood trauma it results from, it’s not even the point here.

My instinct, my intuition, my feelings are enough. I often time feel like I’m very hard on myself, really mean most of the time.

You are worth it

At the end of the day, it’s totally okay to be you, no matter what and in no way in hell should you be ashamed of who you are, who you love, who you hate, what you think, what you desire.

Remember that it’s okay if you’re not ready, it’s okay if it doesn’t last it’s okay if you feel you’re sabotaging yourself sometimes or all the time cause its part of your humanity,  your vulnerability is what will lead you to the path of discovering and ultimately loving yourself, we’re enough even during our downs and even during our ups

You, we are enough and it’s okay

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