Home & Origins : a Spiritual Insight

Our original essence.

Where do we come from?

What is our true essence?

From where our original roots stem from?

Where does this invisible force come from, this one invisible force emblazoned in our hearts, and whispers its omnipresence and its infinite love if we are willing to listen?

This endless energy, this creative consciousness that is beyond us as well as our understanding. This very one divine energy which determines each and everyone of us?

So many questions and yet so little certainties. But is certainty, in this matter, necessary? Is that even the point here?


A higher power, an elevated energy that brings you home is extremely powerful, it’s about God, a divine energy, your soul, the source, whatever you want to call it, calling you back to your essence, driving you back to who you really are when you need to.

Feeling this invisible force that takes care of us and protects us is way beyond words.

We all have our vision and obviously our own perspective on life, and our soul paths are all different. We all come from different upbringing and backgrounds, and our beliefs on life and on spirituality and religion is also very eclectic.


But we all understand these words: origins, roots, essence, home-so we can all have our own definition of it.

Spiritually speaking, I would say that it can depend on your beliefs, but it is, according to me, first about feeling this divine presence, and feeling it inside of us, in our soul.

Our true essence, our roots, can be interpreted in many levels: our material physical home, where we live and where we find refuge and protection from the world (usually), and our spiritual home, our soul and our relationship to our higher self, t our soul, to God, to our divine energy that brings us solace and which we can run to when we need guidance, help or comfort.

There are different homes, different essence, different interpretations : the material roots and the emotional roots, the physical essence and the emotional spiritual essence, and they both coexist, they simultaneously live in us , and I think that this dance is one of the most beautiful gift we’ve been given as human beings, this ability to connect to our true home, to go back to it internally, and to be also physically anchored and present in our day to day life and responsibilities.

We can also take the perspective of astronomy:

The sky, the stars, planets, Space, galaxies,etc.

From an astrological perspective, our true essence, our true home, our origins, can be linked with the fourth house of astrology, our emotions, our peace of mind, where we truly come from. Of course it also represents the home environment, but it also is about our feelings, how we feel, and our deep roots, our emotional stability, and it is also part of the moksha houses, the moksha triangle, so it’s a very spiritual house as well, and it is a house that is part of our foundations as a human being, so it really is linked to our true essence and to this sense of higher power we can connect to in the privacy of our home sweet home.


So, how can we connect with our true essence? This is what has helped me and is still helping me connect deeper with my spiritual roots:

  1. Try to listen more to yourself, to your intuition. You might not know how to do so, and that’s okay, it’s not easy, as it can be crushed by our fears and mental stress, but, the feeling, the impression, this inner voice is swift and soft and exempt from injunction.
  2. Spend some time alone so that you can make room for your own train of thoughts and letting you feel what you feel
  3. Let go of expectations, most of the time, connecting with your true essence does not look like fairy tales’ images and rainbows and sunshine, it is sometimes through pain and darkness that we experience our true self and hat we come closer to our Soul.

Not being afraid to find light amid pain and suffering is a huge step to find your way to your true home, at least that is what I’ve experienced.

It took me a lot of loneliness and suffering and wandering to start understanding myself and my true Home, my Soul. And sometimes, negativity is needed to dive deep into the Self.

According to me, living painful situations is in perfect divine and natural order .

It is a divinely orchestrated chaos.

I think that, we as humans, think we are above nature , as if we were outside of it and not a part of it, and that what we experience as “negative” in our lives is an error, something like a glitch in the matrix that would have never happened if we have done whatever it may be better. Well, I personally think that everything is meant to happen and everything is in perfect order, according to our purpose, and our own destiny.

Where do we come from spiritually speaking, there is no clear cut and answer to that, there’s no proof, no data, no evidence, but if asked you if you loved someone and you said yes, I would tell you: “prove it”

And if I asked you “Does wind exist?” you would probably tell me “Yes it does exist”

And I’d tell you “Well, you cannot see it but you know it exists right?”

That’s the same with our Soul, to our inner knowing, this subtle yet vivid connection to our true Home, our essence, our origins.

It cannot be answered but it can be felt .

Trust the plan.

Aundrea Milk




Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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